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Can I multigroup with just one camera?

No, unfortunately you can’t.  The premise of multigrouping is to take the footage of multiple cameras and link them together so that they can be viewed simultaneously.

Your best bet would be to string all the clips out into a sequence because all of the clips would be in the same location (like a multigroup) and you wouldn’t have to click on multiple clips to view all of the footage.  Be careful when using it because if you double click on this “clip sequence” it will load in the timeline window and you will lose all of your undos. (I hate it when that happens to me!)

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  • Jonathan Heywood
    Apr 19, 2014

    You can cheat around this by duplicating your clips and multigrouping them together. Can be very helpful!

    Jonathan Heywood Apr 19, 2014
    • Jimmay
      Feb 13, 2015

      I’m not sure I really understand why one would multi group one camera, what’s the benefit to that?

      It sounds based on your response you might do this to allow you to view a large quantity of clips as if they were a single entity and not have to click on a new clip each time.

      You could do this by setting an in point at the end of one clip and at the beginning of the other and grouping these two clips, you could do that to multiple pairs and then multi group those groups. Alternatively, if the timecode of the camera is not such that it resets to 00:00:00:00 after every shot then you could group the shots by source timecode, however if your clips were recorded with free run timecode you could end up with huge breaks between the end of one clip and the start of another in your group clip. If you are in the situation that you want to do this for some reason, and the clips have indeed been recorded with free run timecode, you could try entering an auxiliary TC value in to each of the clips from the single camera that you want grouped that works out such that each clip picks up at the end of the previous in TC value. A lot more manual work but if you really want a grouped clip of all your clips from one camera it could be handy for you.

      I tested this out, out of curiosity and discovered that the methods I’m describing regarding timecode in some form or another as the read method for the grouping have strange behaviour when you multi group them in that manner, but when you group them you get exactly what I think the person who asked about this must want which is a continuous, multi-angled clip that lasts for the duration of all the clips from a single camera put together. Again I still don’t really know why anyone actually would want that, as opposed to a timeline of those same clips, but it would eliminate the issue with losing your undos.

      You’d need a quad split view of your source monitor to see each clip so you’d be looking at a quarter sized thumbnail but otherwise the method is sound. I’m assuming nobody wanted a grouped, or multi grouped clip of all the clips from one camera playing simultaneously because that just seems weird but if you did want to do that, just set the Aux TC for every clip to be the same like “00:00:00:00” for example. The most you could view at a time would be 9 in a 9 split but you could switch banks.

      Jimmay Feb 13, 2015

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