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The book is out, now what?

I want to hear from you! All of your highs, lows, gripes, comments, questions – anything and everything that you can throw at me, I want to know! It can only make the book,  you and me better at what we do and who wouldn’t want that?

You can post a comment here for all the world to see or you can drop me an email at the book’s email address –

I look forward to reading what you have to say!



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  • Stuart Bryce
    Dec 13, 2011

    Hi Kyra,

    I’ve been following your progress on the book for some time now and definitely plan to buy it as soon as I am able. My issue is that I like in the UK and only having one distributor means I am at the mercy of their shipping costs. I ‘m just wondering if there is any update on the progress of the EPUB version, as that’s likely going to be much easier.

    Thanks again for finally creating something aimed at us assistants. I find the best way to learn Avid is from a seasoned professional, but having reference material like this is just pure gold.


    Stuart Bryce Dec 13, 2011
    • Dec 14, 2011


      I am working on the EPUB but to my chagrin, it is taking longer than I initially anticipated. I wish I could give a timeline for its release but I don’t have one! I’m sorry about the difficulties in shipping to the UK and the EPUB will definitely alleviate that issue for a lot of overseas readers. I promise to let you know when the EPUB is out!

      Also, thank you so much for your compliments! My desire is to give assistant editors the tools they need to navigate Avid and the editing career field and my book does just that!

      Thanks for visiting the blog and have a great day!


      Kyra Coffie Dec 14, 2011

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